What is Hutbay?

Hutbay (as in hut + bay) is your platform of choice to finding real estate and homes in Nigeria. You stay within the comfort of your office or house or from your tablet in your car and browse from the many choices real estate agents on Hutbay presents before you.

As a real estate agent, Hutbay helps your business grows by bringing your products and services before a very wide and ever-increasing audience where you get your properties sold or leased out as soon as possible.

If at any point in time you need a home or want to sell a property, Hutbay is the place to come. You may post your property directly without cost or ask Hutbay to recommend an agent for you. Hutbay is very dependable and it’s ever evolving, bringing newer and more innovative features to make the real estate experience hassle-free and interesting.

Real estate agents will find Hutbay as the best, most innovative and cost-effective way to go in place of the traditional brick-and-mortar way or in comparison to other platforms. The beauty is that we understands the landscape very well and know how things suck. So, we are here to use technology to give you better experience and to enhance the real estate industry in Nigeria.

Why Hutbay?

  • Because you don’t have to pay huge sums of money before you know of a property or get full details about that property.
  • You don’t have to visit agents after agents in search of a property; you don’t need to stress yourself before you discover the property of your dream
  • As a professional, you don’t have to spend such a huge (to us it is soo huge!) amount of money advertising your property on a paper that is so limited in scope and reachability or on sites that doesn’t work before you get to let everyone knows about those properties.
  • Because you want to get things done right with the minimal efforts.

How can I use Hutbay?

Are you looking for a needle in a haystack? Hutbay to the rescue! You can use Hutbay to search for a property and narrow this search down to the very street, type of property and price range. Hutbay is very flexible to use. It gives you total control in your search for property.

For any property you are interested in on the site, you can make further enquiries for a property you are interested in and get instant response through email or even get called by the agent. When you’ve found a property that meets your taste, you can arrange for viewing so as to physically inspect the property. All these tasks you can perform from the comfort of your office, room and what-have-you, through the use of the internet.

Perhaps, you are not yet ready to get a house. But you’d loved to keep track of any future property that is listed on the site that falls within a category in a particular area. You can set up an alert from the site to get email notifications whenever any property that meets your alert criteria gets listed.

I am a real estate professional, how can I use Hutbay to promote my service?

You need to let those who may be interested in the properties know about them. You want them to be able to contact you easily if they are interested.

As you list your property on Hutbay, property-seekers get to know about those properties and then get in touch with you.

Home owners who are also looking for agents to help lease-out or sell their property will also get in touch with you to help them do the job. Once you are registered, we recommend you to whoever is looking for agents in the area where your office is located.

You can also place premium adverts of your property so that for every search, your property get recommended in our featured property bar.

How much does it cost to use Hutbay?

It cost zero naira! You don’t have to pay to use Hutbay to find or list your property. You can list as many properties as you have the legal right to. However, if you want to advertise on the platform or get your properties listed in the featured bar, we charge you a very small amount for that. We make money through advertisement.

How do I recommend Hutbay to friends and family?

By using it! Experience Hutbay! When you find a property you like or that one of your loved ones might like, you can send them the link to that property or share the property on Twitter, Facebook and the other social networks. You can also send your loved ones links to the website or property through an email.

And don’t forget, if you know anyone that need to rent, buy or sell a property, just tell them to go to hutbay.com, Nigeria’s real estate marketplace.

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