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I have lots of listings; can you help with data entry?

For agents who don’t have internet access or are not computer savvy, we help with uploading listings for free, depending on the number of listings. For more information contact us (support@hutbay.com).

Does Hutbay collect commission?

No, we don't! Hutbay does not share in your hard-earned commission when you close sales or lease out any of your properties through our platform. Neither do we charge our users or visitors for your listing(s).

When will my listings expire on Hutbay?

Until they are sold or rented; or whenever you decide to pull any of them from the market-place. Hutbay has a listing management system you can use to decide the visibility of your listings at any time.

How much does it cost to list on Hutbay?

You can list your properties on Hutbay for free if you are a registered agent. If you are not an agent or you don't want to use an agent, you pay a flat fee per listing. Premier agents enjoy premium features and priority placements.