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195 ikorodu road, Meran, Lagos Edit
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Ref No: CF166224 Advertised: 2 mon ago
Type Factory
Condition Newly Built
Size 2,500 Sqm
Year Built 2013
Location 195 Ikorodu Road, Meran, Lagos
Description: Edit

FOR SALE FUNCTIONING PURE WATER/BOTTLE WATER FACTORY IN MEIRAN.LAGOS STATE. Functioning pure water & table water factory with a Detached storey building comprises offices and staff quarters on first floor and production bays on ground floor with all production machines installed and working... FACILITIES AND MACHINES WITHIN: 1st FLOOR: 1.Reception office 2.Production Room 3.Production Mgr Office 4.Cloak Room 5.Packaging Materials Room 6.Pure water Production center 7.Bottle filling center 8.Shrink Machine center 9.Finishing Product center i. Finished Product ii.Packaging 10.Mini Laboratory MACHINES IN PRODUCTION ROOM: 1.Dingh Packing Machine- for sachet water 2.Ozone Generator- for treatment 3.Monobloc Machine (883 Machine)-Filling of Bottles 4.Label Shrink packager(Bss-1538B)-Heater 5.Thermal shrinking Packaging machine 6.Heat Gun(1) 7.Standfan(4) 8.Gear Box(6) 9.Air Compressor (1) 10.Semi Auto Bottle Blower Machine (1) 11.Heater Machine (1) 2nd FLOOR: 1.MD Office(furnished) 2.Asst MD office (furnished) 3.Conference Room 4.Accountant office 5.Self Contain (2) COMPOUND PROPERTIES 1.Blowing Room(Blowing machine and Heater machine) 2.Preform and Closure 3.3000litres steel diesel tank 4.500 litres drum(2) 5.Gallon (1) 6.GP raw water treatment tanks(7)

This property has:
Water Facility
Standby Generator

This property has the following title(s):
Deed of Assignment
Certificate of Occupancy (C of O)

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Agent: Victor Egbuna (Click to contact)
Company: Field view
Address: 195 ikorodu road, Palmgrove, Lagos
Phone No: 08060272288, 08176070712
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Factory 2 240,000,000

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Victor Egbuna
Tel: 08060272288
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